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Sample Documents

Hiring Module

Job Description

Performance Management Kit

Employee Policy

On Boarding Kit

Hiring Module (11)

  • Manpower Requisition
  • JD Template
  • Employment Agreement
  • Interview Guide
  • Recruitment Tracker
  • Candidate Evaluation Form
  • Reference Check Guide
  • Offer Letter template
  • Candidate Evaluation Sheet
  • Salary Calculator
  • Non Competence and Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Recruitment Module (40)

Job interview templates

  • Application acknowledgement email template
  • Email to successful candidate after interview
  • Interview assignment example template
  • Interview availability email template
  • Interview cancellation email from employer
  • Interview confirmation email template
  • Interview no show email template
  • Interview reminder email template
  • Phone interview confirmation email template
  • Phone interview email interview template
  • Reschedule interview with candidates email template
  • Sample recruiting text messages to candidates
  • Second interview confirmation email template
  • Second interview email template
  • Skype interview invitation email template
  • Status update email to hiring managers
  • Video interview invitation email

Job offer templates

  • Contract employee offer letter sample
  • Developer Job Offer Letter template
  • Formal job offer letter template 1
  • Informal Offer Letter Sample
  • Internal promotion offer email template
  • Job offer email template
  • Offer Letter Sample
  • Part time to full time offer letter template
  • Salary negotiation with candidates email template
  • Sales Job Offer Letter template

Rejection templates

  • Applicant Rejection Letter Sample
  • Candidate Rejection Email Template
  • Candidate Rejection Letter Sample
  • Interview feedback to candidates email template
  • Job application rejection email template
  • Post Interview Sample Rejection Letter
  • Rejecting overqualified candidates email template

Sourcing templates

  • Internal job posting email template
  • Job opportunity email template
  • Keeping candidates warm email template
  • passive candidate email template 1
  • Recruiter introduction to candidate email template
  • Sourcing developer candidates email template

Referral templates

  • Employee referral bonus program announcement email
  • Employee referral program sample email
  • Refer a friend for a job email

Social media templates

  • ‘We’re hiring’ Facebook post template
  • ‘We’re hiring’ social media post
  • LinkedIn InMail template for recruiters: First introduction to a candidate
  • LinkedIn InMail template for recruiters: Sourcing for a specific position
  • LinkedIn job posting template
  • Twitter job posting template

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Statutories (7)

  • Consumer Protection and Special Industries
  • Foreign Personnel in the United States
  • Demographic and Environmental Overview
  • Forms of Business Organizations
  • Accounting
  • State and Local
  • U.S. Federal Taxation

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Engagement Plan (3)

  • Mentorship program
  • Mentorship Program
  • Employee of the Month Policy

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Job Descriptions (137)

  • Accountant
  • Admin Officer Job description
  • Analytics Manager Job description
  • Android Developer job description
  • Architech job discription
  • Assistant Editor job description
  • Bartender job description
  • Beauty Salon Manager Job description
  • Branch Manager Job description
  • Business editor job description
  • Butler job description
  • Cabin Crew Job description
  • Call Center Manager Job description
  • Campus Recruiter Job description
  • CEO Job description
  • Chef de Partie job description
  • Chief sub editor job description
  • Civil Engineer Job description
  • CNC Operator job description
  • Compliance Manager Job description
  • Contributors job description
  • COO Job description
  • Corporate Trainer job description
  • Customer Service Manager Job description
  • Customer Support Specialist job description
  • Data Architect job description
  • Database Administrator DBA
  • DevOps Engineer job description
  • Digital Marketing Executive – Job Description-converted
  • Digital Marketing Executive job description
  • Director of Operations job description
  • Waiter or Waitress job description
  • Editor job description
  • Event Coordinator job description
  • Event Manager Job description
  • Event Planner job description
  • Executive Assistant job description
  • Finance Officer job description
  • Financial Controller job description
  • Flight Attendant Job description
  • Food and Beverage Manager Job description
  • General Counsel Job description
  • VP of HR job description
  • Graphic Designer job description
  • Guest Relation Officer Job description
  • Hair Stylist job description
  • Head of Finance job description
  • Head of HR Operations job description
  • Head of Operations job description
  • Hiring Specialist job description
  • HR Business Partner job description
  • HR & Admin Officer
  • HR manager
  • Illustrator job description
  • Instructional Designer job description
  • Investment Banker job description
  • iOS Developer job description
  • Java Software Engineer job description
  • Kitchen Manager Job description
  • Lab Technician job description
  • Lead Data Scientist job description
  • Legal Counsel Job description
  • Lifestyle editor job description
  • Logistics Manager Job description
  • Machine Learning Engineer job description
  • Machine Operator job description
  • Machinist Job description
  • Managing Editor JD
  • Marketing Excecutive JD
  • Marketing Manager JD
  • Mechanical Engineer job description (1)
  • Medical Office Manager Job description
  • News editor job description
  • Normal technician (premium brands- BMW )
  • Nurse Job description
  • Nutritionist Job description
  • Office Administrator job description
  • Office Assistant job description
  • Optometrist job description
  • Pastry Chef Job description
  • Payroll Manager Job description
  • Payroll Officer Job description
  • Payroll Specialist job description
  • Pediatrician Job description
  • Pharmacist Job description
  • Photographer job description
  • PHP Developer job description
  • Physical Therapist job description
  • Physician job description
  • Procurement Manager Job description
  • Product Manager job description
  • Production Manager Job description
  • Programmer job description
  • Project Engineer job description
  • Psychiatrist Job description
  • Purchasing Manager Job description
  • Purchasing Officer Job description
  • QA Engineer job description
  • QA Tester job description
  • Receptionist job description
  • Recruitment Manager Job description
  • Recruitment Specialist job description
  • Restaurant Manager job description
  • Retail Trainer job description
  • Risk Manager Job description
  • Ruby on Rails Developer job description
  • Sales and Marketing and Marketing Manager Job Description
  • Sales Coach Job description
  • Secretary Job description
  • Senior advisor Sales head
  • Senior HR Manager Job descriptio1
  • Senior Reporter job description
  • Senior Ruby Developer job description
  • Senior-Technician-Maintenance-Generic-JD (1).doc”
  • Shift Manager Job description
  • Software Developer job description
  • Software Engineer job description
  • Sous Chef Job description
  • Sports editor job description
  • Staffing Specialist job description
  • Sub editor job description
  • Supervisor Job description
  • System Administrator job description
  • Systems Engineer job description
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist job description
  • Teacher job description
  • Technical Architect job description
  • Technical Recruiter job description
  • Technical Support Engineer job description
  • Technical Trainer job description
  • Technical Writer job description
  • Training Manager Job description
  • Transportation Manager Job description
  • Travel Agent Job description
  • UI UX Designer job description
  • Veterinarian job description
  • Visual Designer job description

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Employee Policies (30)

  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • AntiDiscriminationPolicy
  • Attendance and Punctuality Guidlines
  • Code of Conduct
  • IT Cyber Security Policy
  • Company Sick Leave Policy
  • Dress Code Policy
  • Drug Testing Policy
  • Company Cell Phone Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Gift Policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Open door policy
  • Rewards and Recognition Policy
  • Separation Policy
  • The Whistleblower Policy
  • Travel Policy
  • violence at workplace policy
  • Work from home policy

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Exit Process (7)

  • Exit Process
  • leaving formalities
  • Exit Interview format
  • Relieving letter
  • Clearance_form
  • Emp Clearance form

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Employee Onboarding (9)

  • Company policies checklist for new hires
  • Employee Appointment letter
  • Employee Induction
  • Job offer email
  • New employee announcement email
  • New employee welcome email template
  • New hire checklist template
  • Onboarding checklist
  • Welcoming New Employee

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Performance Management Process (8)

  • Performance Management process
  • Performance Review
  • Performance Improvement Plan
  • Performance Appraisal letter
  • Performance warning letter
  • KRA
  • Marketing Intern Responsibilities

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Records & Format (52)

  • Acceptance of Employee Apology – All purpose
  • Adhoc Designation Change Certificate
  • Adhoc Increment Certificate
  • Admn Manual
  • Appraisal certificate
  • Appraisal Certificate with Promotion without Increment
  • Employee master Files
  • Experience or Relieving letter with praise
  • Experience or Relieving letter
  • Final Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
  • Final Warning Notice for Behaviour Issues
  • Final Warning Notice for Performance Issues
  • Full-n-Final Settlement with Confirmation
  • intern-Offer-Letter agreement
  • Internship Experience Certificate with Praise
  • Internship Experience Certificate
  • Job Suspension during Misconduct Investigation
  • Lay-off due to CO-BU-Dept Shutdown
  • Letter of Appointment
  • Letter to Bank
  • Medical Bill
  • NOC for Attending Workshop
  • NOC for Bank Account
  • NOC for Credit Card
  • NOC for Double Shift
  • NOC for Employees to Work in Other Organization
  • NOC for Organizing Event
  • NOC for Part Time Job
  • NOC for Personal Loan
  • NOC for tourist vissa
  • NOC for Trainee Student from Company
  • NOC for Visiting Abroad
  • NOC Letter Format for Department Change
  • NOC Letter Format for Job Change
  • NOC Letter Format for Studies
  • NOC Letter to Employee For Visa
  • Post Probation Increment Certificate
  • purchase order
  • Relieving Letter after Resignation
  • Resignation Acceptance General – Key Employee
  • Resignation Acceptance General
  • Resignation Withdrawal for Growth Prospects
  • Resignation Withdrawal for Role Change
  • Vendor Agreement
  • Warning Notice for Attendance Issues
  • Warning Notice for General Behaviour Issues
  • Warning Notice for Misbehaviour on Specific Date-Occassion
  • Warning Notice for Performance Issues
  • Zero Tolerance Policy

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R&R (2)

  • Types of reward and recognition
  • Star Employee Nomination form

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